Vivien Lai


Hi! I'm Vivien. I was born in Stillwater, Oklahoma but lived
in Taiwan about ten years.

Taiwan is a little country next to China, the best
thing of Taiwan is food! The food I love the most is pearl milk tea, it's also
called bubble tea. 

I also love shopping
around Taipei City, so although I don't live in Taipei City, it's like my

I like ice skating a lot, I'm not very good at it but it's so fun
to skate on the ice. 

I do play
instruments, I start playing the piano when I was three and a half years old,
and started to learn flute when I was thirteen, so music is around me the whole


I have been to a lot of Asia countries like South Korea,
Japan, Singapore and Bali.

I love traveling with my family but I usually travel
with my aunts and my brother,

my Mom and Dad have a lot of things to do so we
don't usually have a chance to travel together.

The best thing of going to
foreign country is to shop! If we stay there for a week,

I will spend four days
on shopping and two days for visiting famous building, national park or
something like that

, so after I get back from a country, the luggage will be
full of souvenirs.

In the future I will keep traveling, shopping and eat all
kinds of food.

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