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I'm a student at Green Dot New York Charter School in the Bronx. My name is Rica, and my home is the Bronx. Born March 31, my almost 16 years of life have been one weird ride. I come from a Philacrusian family( Philippines and St. Croix ) and in my family I am the youngest, middle, and oldest child. An important thing that has happened in my life would be graduating middle school. This tells me that I am now moving forward and starting to learn more.

During school, I like to learn new things, and not just what the teachers say. I like how everyone else thinks. Learning about the world through my classmates is the best because I get to see different points of view. I am good in all my subjects, but need to focus on my work and handing it in.

After school, I like to catch up with my friends and just have fun. You know the saying “Girls just wanna have fun.” Ha! So, when school starts to get boring, I like to just talk to some friends, read a book, and/or create something. For example, a friend and I made a petition for larger cookies for the right price. It was fun, and crazy. I love to create things that are different and are mad for ridiculous reasons because no one else would think of it.

10 questions about myself and the world

About me:

1. What will be my job in the future? (college, profession, future, life, personality)
2. What college will I go to? (college, school, grades, future, achievement)
3. Will I stay in NY? (places, countries, world, travel, explore)
4. If I am weird, who is normal? (lifestyle, society,people, abnormal, perspective)
5. How will my kids act? (future, behavior, children, married birth)
6. Did I have another life before this one? (reincarnation, life, world, religion, otherworldly)
7. How do people see me? (perspective, attitude, people ,traits, characteristics)
8. Do my friends think I am a good friend? (people, friendship, bonds, honesty, connection)
9. Is being too nice a bad thing? (personality, behavior, perspective, society, people)
10. Will I love my job when I grow up? (life, profession, future, fulfillment, achievement)

About the world:

1. Are aliens real? (science-fiction, world, myths, legends, truth)
2. Is there such thing as world peace? (world, people, fighting, peace, pageants)
3. Will time travel be possible in the future? (science, technology, time, movies, possibility)
4. Will robots take over the world? (science, machines, movies, future, technology)
5. Is normal real? (life, society, culture, people, abnormal)
6. Is the sky really blue? (atmosphere, science, world, climate, weather)
7. Are people really individuals? (culture, society, lifestyle, people, world)
8. Why do people hate? (life, behavior, society, culture, feelings)
9. Why do people love Japan? (technology, people, culture, countries, travel)
10. What happens to balloons when they float away? (science, travel, air, atmosphere, balloons)

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