Hey, my name is Noel Vizcarrondo and I am a student at University Prep Charter High School (formerly known as Green Dot). When people first see me, I am usually viewed as the silent, quintessential nerd, but all they really see is just a guise that covers up an exuberant personality. I am the type of person that can get along with anyone and always try to keep myself out of trouble. Many of my friends see me as a good person that they can trust, and describe me as someone they’d like to have on their side when enduring life’s struggles. I have always enjoyed helping those around me anyway I can even if that person and I don’t have a “friendly” relationship. Above all, I’m a crazy joker. I just love to make people laugh and knowing that I have the capability of brightening their day.

When it comes to achieving my academic goals, I am an ambitious person. I am very confident and believe in my ability to achieve my future goals. This is when I can turn into an extreme nerd because my work is a high priority of my life, and though there are times when I feel like I can’t make it; I just remember all of the other moments in my life where I underestimated my potential yet obtained success. That immediately gives me the confidence and gets me right back on track where I need to be. I enjoy exploring new things and get a moment of excitement when I begin to comprehend something new. I never believed that it was very easy to achieve academic success but in this game of “survival of the fittest”, I have definitely learned to accept this difficult challenge of life.

When school comes to an end, it becomes a whole different story. That’s when the nerd goes back to sleep and my vociferous personality wakes up, especially when I’m hanging out with my friends. With my friends I can be just as ridiculous and crazy as they are sometimes. I don’t keep a serious attitude when I’m with my friends. Instead, I’d rather just let my personality hang free. Hey, there’s a time and place for everything right? When I’m with them I know I’m going to have fun because every time I am, they always help me get my mind off of the struggles of life. Those I love have always had the ability to instantaneously take me away from all my worries and bad thoughts. I’ve have come to see those I love, family and friend, as an essential to my life.

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