Young adults and emotional intelligence

May 22, 2012
by: G2NicoleF

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In my movie I included a bunch of you tube videos. The first I used was the young adults partying clip. I found this useful in my research, because it was a major stereo type that older generations see in the younger generations. I also used a video clip from the movie Saving Private Ryan. This was extremely useful to me, because it shows a horrible outcome of someone making a decision for all these young people to go to war. In the end most of them ended up dying and it just helped show me that people make bad decisions that affect other peoples’ lives. I also used the song Too Close by Alex Clare as background music to my movie, because it was upbeat and it had instrumental parts as well as really cool singing parts.
The parts of the movie that I had quotes from the book, The Things They Carried by Tim O’brien, was relevant to the theme, because the lieutenant for the squad made a bad decision and someone ended up dying. This relates to the theme, because I thought decisions were made based on maturity. It turns out; decisions are made more through emotional intelligence. I also had quotes from my outside reading book, Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman. I believe that this helped to strengthen my movie, because he is a psychologist and knows a lot about emotional intelligence and how this effects the brain. So I used some of his information to help the audience understand how this affects the brain and also how it affects people.
Another video clip that I incorporated into my movie was the interview with Rachel Green about emotional intelligence. I found this video extremely helpful, because it clearly explained what emotional intelligence is and how it affects decisions. I could tell that she was a reliable source, because she is an emotional intelligence expert. This connects to my theme, because my research led me to emotional intelligence.
I did my research project on this topic, because looking into the hallways; I see a lot of immaturity. I originally thought that immaturity was caused by behavior. I did not think that emotions had anything to do with maturity. By looking at the interview with Rachel Green, I realized how important emotions really are and how much they affect everyday life.