Witch & Wizard: The Fire by James Patterson

Dec 22, 2011
by: 15TIEUK

1. This is the third book in the trilogy Witch and Wizard. Whitford and Wisteria Allgood are being chased by the New Order. The New Order is an organization made by The One Who is The One. They are after Wisty (Wisteria), the witch to get her Gift and Whit (Whitford),the wizard is there as her older brother to help her escape. He has the powers to people and anything else that needs to be prepared, but they only want Wisty. The One Who is The One is the ruler of the Overworld and has got every person to follow him and believe that he is their God. Then, there are the people who aren't affected by The One Who is The One, which are called the Resistance. This world is a complete dystopian society and every kind of freedom and art has been banned. He wants Wisty's Gift because he has all the elements wind, earth, and water, but need Wisty's fire to truly become the most powerful. In the end, Wisty and Whit gather all of their magic together to vanquish him and set all the brainwashed citizens free of his control.

2. I learned that you always need to sacrifice something to overcome a hardship or an obstacle in your way. It may be stopping a bad habit or in this case, destroying the evil ruler. Whit had to sacrifice his long time girlfriend even though she was a Half-Light (Murdered/ killed, but innocent). She sacrificed herslef in order forthe dead to be at peace and for the world to be set free. Even though she came back, it was hard enough for Whit to let her go. 

3. I would reccomend this book because I'm not a person that's really into the fantasy genre and books like Harry Potter, but this is a must read for everyone. I found it very enjoyable and a page turner, but you have to start from the first book or you be missing out on so much. I believe this is the last book too.  Its 336 pages, but still worth the read.