Why Do We Fight?

May 22, 2012
by: G2adamk

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Written Summary of Elements

In the movie I am exploring the theme of fighting. I was drawn to the theme because I study martial arts and I am interested in the ways of fighting. I included video of a tournament match between two Army Rangers in the combative tournament of 2010. This was to show a fight between two people and I influenced the audience to ask themselves or think about why it is that we fight. Later on in the movie I have a video of soldiers training to breach a house or building. I was, at this time, questioning whether training was the key to a victory over your opponent. Then I wondered if it was experience that chose the victor. To show experience I have an interview done by CBS News of a Vietnam veteran who received the Medal of Honor. The interview reveals that Robert Howard was able to repeatedly put himself in harm’s way and I believe it was experience in the fights that allowed him to stand in the face of danger.

I recorded a passage from The Things They Carried about Lee Strunk and Dave Jensen getting in a fight over a jackknife. I had portrayed the idea of fighting to relieve anger or stress and the idea of fighting to prove one’s self to others. The passage went into detail of stiff punches to the face and the desire to continue fighting. I chose this passage because the stress of the situation and the anger that was bottled up finally came out with the aggression that took several men to pull the fight apart.

Inside Delta Force is a book that goes into detail of selection and training of individuals to carry out missions that no other team is capable of. The passage I went over was of a training session that involved a breach and clear with live fire. I am exploring the idea of fighting and many chose to train for their fight. Whether it is for strength, technique or just an idea of what to expect; training can help you win a fight if you train properly. The passage explains the feeling a person feels as they move through a building and clear it of threats. Training is a factor that can change the direction of a fight.

I chose the song “Fortunate Son” by Creedence Clearwater. This song represents an idea that only the fortunate people in this world can decide what they want to do. The people who are not so lucky to have a wealthy family or people in high places are stuck with going to war. I believe that those who are stuck in the fights are the ones who are not fortunate. The people who get drafted or have no better choice for their futures, they are the ones that fight.

I included the interview of Robert Howard, about his experience in Vietnam. He had completed five tours there and was wounded fourteen times. On top of all this, he was nominated three times for the Medal of Honor. He speaks about how his actions not only saved his but many of his men. Fighting has a lot of factors but I questioned if experience was one that influenced who the victor would be. I found that Robert’s accounts of what he did and what he went through were enough to say that he had experienced a lot in fighting. This interview was recorded by CBS News and I believe that alone should suffice that it is reputable.

I chose the theme of fighting because I originally wanted to explore my life in martial arts. The original theme was too specific so once I broadened the theme to include all fighting I realized I wanted to explore why we fight. To me, fighting has been reserved solely for self-defense but I have found that people have many reasons for fighting. The reasons can vary from the relief of stress or even anger. Others fight because they feel called to do so. Called to fight in an aggression by another group that needs to be stopped by someone. These callings are viewed as war. By exploring this theme I have expanded my perception of fighting. I will not look down on those who fight because that may be their only way of staying sane. I will continue my study of the arts and I will also continue to keep an open mind for those who take their problems or frustrations and express them in an aggressive fashion. I also looked at the reasons to why we train ourselves to fight. Explanations for this vary from person to person but in the end, each one of us wants to win. Whether it be a victory of survival or simply proving yourself, it is usually a fight we cannot lose. This theme can be viewed in many ways and I do not want to cloud the judgment of others for our opinion is our own and should stay this way.