What Makes An Enemy?

May 22, 2012
by: G2KevinM

Written Summary:
I included the youtube videos in my project because they portrayed a new idea or reoccuring idea that touches on the topic of my project. For example in the "Thirteen Days" this video represents that in some cases the president can be lured into making a big mistake my his own consultants, in the video the Cuban missile crisis was a very big event in history and could have been changed drastically if the heavy headed and war minded consultants had control of the situation. This video is important to my topic because it show's that their are little tricks hidden up politicians "sleeve." For example in the video the Army General states "These damn Kennedy's are going to ruin this country, if we don't do something about it." This statement only show's to me that the Army General has strings he can pull to override the Commander and Chief of the military which show's corruption at it's best.

I included the passage "Enemies" in my project because it has a very strong message about enemies, and how the enemies you have today might change from day to day, but that feeling of hatred can change into fear and the sense of revenge scares us into thinking that we are always being watched by our enemies and we have to stay on our gaurd at all times. Which represents to me that the U.S. government uses our enemies and that sense of revenge to scare the american people into changing their mind about another people even though we do not know our real threat and who exactly the enemy is we still pursue invading other countries seeking out the enemy instead of confronting them and going to battle like we have done in past wars.

The song I included in my project was called "We Are Young" by FUN this song is a great impact song, it moves you when you hear it, when I first heard this song I said " This would be a great song, to start a riot with!" because it has a rebellious and catchy chorus that would be great to fire up a young group of college protesters enough to make an impact on today's government. This song is almost like a war song it makes you want to make a difference when you hear it. Also this song has a great verse in it where it says: We are young, so lets set this world on fire! We can burn brighter than the sun!" Which means the young people of today can do whatever they set their mind to do as long as they never lose sight of what they are trying to accomplish and work 100% at achieving that goal. Which is perfect for my project because it gives the movie and great tone in how I am trying to look at solutions to this problem we have in our government.

I chose the Interview with Tim O' Brien because he was the author of the book we just read and he is a very intellectual man, he speaks about his enemies being the Vietcong and he talks about his struggles in Vietnam. He also say's something very interesting in this interview he claims he did not want to go into the military he was a draft victim, and he shares how being a draft victim in a war you believed was wrong brings out a different view of the enemies in Vietnam he shares how he felt hate and distrust in his government because we were fighting a war where we had no idea who the enemy was we just held our guns up and fired. Tim's ideas are very distinct and he lets you know what he has on his mind and show's very well the struggles he had to face physically in the war but the real struggles are the one's he faced mentally. This show's a good idea of the average american soldier in war and what is going on in their mind when they are fighting a war they have no initiative in fighting.

My thoughts on my topic, “What makes an enemy,” have changed from the start of this project to the end at first I had no relevant information about enemies or how enemies are made, I thought our true enemies were the people that cause us harm physically also I thought are enemies were the people that were completely opposite than us and had completely different viewpoints, as I researched more into the topic I started seeing a reoccurring enemy that has the power to change our own viewpoints, an enemy so powerful that they have the power to lie, cheat, and steal from people and get away with it without any repercussions, in fact they are so powerful that they will bend the laws we abide by to get away with these things, and we have no say in what happens in this world, I believe I found the true enemy this enemy is not just one person but many, a group of politicians that can and will do anything in their power to control the world economy and only worry about growing their fortune bigger. While we the American people cannot not afford to pay for food for our families, we are told we are living in a free country, but in fact we are being brainwashed into thinking that we are better than everyone else in this world, we are told what to do, how to do it and what laws we cannot break; while this government ran by rich deceitful politicians that only care for themselves break these laws and cover them up with lies every day.

I believe I realized why we the American people sit back and act like nothing is wrong, I believe the American people are so consumed in trying to make ends meet that they do not have the time nor the energy to voice their opinion because they believe that their opinion will not have an impact great enough to make any difference, the American people have lost sight in the real America, the America that was for the people and nothing but the people.

Our government has lost sight of an equal world, they use racism to change our viewpoint about other people in other countries, the government say’s they are the enemy and the American people have no voice and back their government and that is not the way it is supposed to be, actually the complete opposite. We were raised to treat everyone equal, to share with others, not be selfish and be friends with everyone, so while you’re sitting there listening to my opinion, I would like you to think about just one thing. What makes an enemy to you? Because my enemies lie to me, my enemies steal from me, my enemies do not listen to my opinion, my enemies our only concerned about themselves and will treat others wrongly for their own personal gain, my enemies are the politicians that control my life every day.

So while you’re thinking about that I would like you to remember who you have more in common with; the middle class family in Russia struggling to afford food for the month, or maybe the low class family living in the middle east that is being thrown out on the street by our soldiers that are only following orders by some authority figure who may or may not know what he is doing, or the wealthy politician that is going to lunch in his brand new $100,000.00 car and has none of the struggles you and your family have been facing for years now! This is getting old it is not time for change, it is time for us to start doing the right thing! Like we were taught in kindergarten.