What if dreams are actually reality?

May 18, 2012
by: g2beccag

Are Dreams Reality?
Post Modern Research Project

I have learned some things from my project. One of the things I learned is that there are a lot of people in the world that believe either, a) dreams ARE reality, or b) that dreams are an extension of your reality. For instance, the natives of Australia believe that if you dream while you are sick, that you go away to the spirit world and you come back feeling better. There are other people that believe that your dreams are memories of past lives or events that are still to come. Almost like in The Christmas Carol. In this Broadway production, Stooge is visited by three ghosts. One of the past, this would represent dreams of memories from past lives. One of the present, which would show an extension of reality in dreams, and the third ghost, the future, would show events dreams that are still to happen. None of these possibilities are hard to believe.
My first video in my first clip are scenes from the Titanic movie. I chose this selection because what happened on the Titanic was so tragic that it seems kind of like a dream. So many people died. Also, no one really knows if Jack existed or not. This could be a dream as well, or a story that was created by the seed of a dream. In my second section, I chose a few clips from an interview from Robert Moss on Vancouver’s Shaw. In these clips, he explains what he believes dreams are and what might happen in a dream. He is very well known for his study and thoughts of dreams. In the last third of my movie, I chose the music video Paradise by Coldplay. The song is about a girl that has a lot of hard times in her life so she runs away into her dreams, because her dreams are paradise. I thought it fit into the research pretty well. Her dreams could be paradise because they are better than her reality, and it could very well be that her reality is ACTUALLY her dreams. Or that she just wished her dreams were her reality.
I recorded three passages from the book The Things They Carried. The first one begins as telling about how someone thinks a dream really is. A kind of illusion. He then goes on to tell how one of his friends in Vietnam was basically in a dream every day, and that’s how he liked it. My second passage is describing how one man in the war feels like he could be in a dream, but then he comes to realize it’s not a daydream. He comes to realize that in fact, it’s a dark and dangerous reality. The third passage from the book is actually describing a dream that the character had. His dream is about one of his friends he lost when he was young. It describes what she is doing and what she is wearing. He is recalling this dream from a memory. All these passages relate to my theme because they are all about dreams. Whether it be describing dreams, thinking they were in a dream, or wishing they were in a dream, they call connect.
My outside reading book was The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen. The first passage is describing how a boy feels about flaws and the world. He believes that there could be complete happiness in a perfect world, but that this was not a perfect world. The author is basically saying that the “perfect world” is just a dream created by the imagination. My second passage is about a morning when the character I waking up, and all she wants to do is go back to the dream she had that night. It was so nice and happy…and unreal. And all she wants is for it to be real. Both of these passages want a perfect world like in their dreams. The character is wishing that her dreams are real, because they are better than her reality.
The first song in my movie is Bring Me to Life by Evanescence. To me, this song represents someone that feels like they are in a really bad dream, that maybe her dreams are much worse than her reality and she’s looking for someone she can trust to wake her up; hence “bringing her back to life.” The second song I used is Sweet Dreams by Marilyn Manson. He sings about how he should decide what makes a good dream to different people. In my last clip, I used the music video and the music from the song Paradise by Coldplay. This song sings a story of a girl that expected more out of the world. When she finds out that her world isn’t perfect she just wants to run way in her dreams, because her dreams are perfect.
I looked through a lot of interviews before I found a guy that really knew his stuff. And then once I found him, I had to look through a lot of his interviews before I found something that I wanted to put into my project. They guy I finally chose is Robert Moss and the interview he did was with Fannie Kiefer on the Vancouver’s Shaw show. In this interview, he talks about what he really thinks dreams are. He goes onto say that they can be an extension of your reality. In the other part of the interview I chose to incorporate into my movie, he tells a story about how he got very sick one time, and he fell asleep and when he woke up, he was feeling better. He told an Australian Native about what happened, the child told him that they went to the spirit world, got better, and then came back; just because he was dreaming. The child told him that the Natives do it all the time. I know this was a reputable source because he was speaking on a news channel, and he has had many interviews about his research of dreams and dreaming.
At first I thought that this was going to be an easy topic to research and do a project on. After I started actually looking into it, I found that it was a lot harder to find articles and interviews and even songs about what I was looking for. I don’t know if I believe now that dreams could actually be your reality, it’s still a possibility though! I do believe that dreams ARE an extension of your reality. I also believe that dreams can even be memories from past lives or a glimpse into the future. I originally chose this topic because it’s always been a question I’ve wondered. There’s just so much that we don’t know about the unseen world because we simply can’t study what actually happens within the human brain. I mean, we know scientific things, but we have no idea what dreams mean or why we have them. There’s so much more we can learn from dreams, I hope one day we do.