What drives us to war?

May 22, 2012
by: zebc.g1

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1) The first video I produced included a combination on interviews and film. To start the film there is a presidential speech given by Franklin Roosevelt. I then include several pictures of the Pearl Harbor attack in Hawaii. The second part of the film is a short clip of Adolf Hitler. The film touches base on major subjects of World War two. This includes Pearl Harbor, Nazi Germany, the Manhattan project and the Holocaust.
2) The second video includes a speech from President Ronald Regan on the topic of the Vietnam War. Then it skips to a video based on the Vietnam War. During the video I narrated a passage from the book If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me up and Ship Me Home. This quote relates to my topic and video because it talks about how brutral war really is. There will be a short break where only the video will be playing. Then over the clip I will put two quotes by President Richard Nixon on the Vietnam War.
3) The third part to the movie will begin with a speech given by President Barak Obama. The speech cuts to show news broadcast on September 11th, 2001. Following the news broadcast the speech by the president will continue. After the speech there will be clips of the modern war in Iraq. Over the pictures and video I will quote two passages from the book the things they carried. The articles from the things they carried relate to my topic because both talk about war. I also adjusted the timing so when I say “stepped” the man in the video steps off a helicopter. Near the end of the film another speech by Barak Obama will begin in which he announces the assignation of Osama Bin Laden. Following the President’s remarks I will show a picture of Bin Laden in 2001 and one the night of his death. The song that covers parts of the WW2 and modern war relates to the topic because the lyrics of the song talk about a man at war and what he must do at war. The speeches from several presidents are viable sources and all their speeches talk about wars the US is engaged in.
4) The Final part of the Film will be my opinion on why we go to war.” We do not go to war to kill or to gain resources. We go to war in order to protect our values and our way of life. In the past we have been attacked and we have been the ones to attack, but in the end we give our lives for what we believe.” Zeb Chadwick. Over the course of this project I have come to realize that the US engages in wars often and it seems we do so to make a statement or show off our power.