Trayvon Innocent Young Man

Mar 28, 2012
by: adot

I admire Anthony Turner's essay “Trayvon Martin, Unarmed and Innocent” from because people really need to know what really happened and how innocent that boy really was. This type of thing can happen to anyone no matter who you are, so that is something that everyone needs to fear, innocent murders.

I'm learning more about Trayvon now, and in particular what I'm wondering about is what made that guy, Zimmerman, shoot that kid for no reason at all. Personally I think that if it was a black guy who killed a little white boy he would have had 25 to life in prison. But the man is still sleeping in his own bed in his own house.

Turner writes:“You would never think a walk to the store would get you killed, right?” This really got my attention because I really never thought that I would really get killed walking to the store, but it seems to be possible. I think that I should at least be safe in my neighborhood.

Another quote is: “But simply 'looking suspicious' in someone’s eyes shouldn’t give that person the right to put his hands on you. Or shoot you in the chest." Somebody looking suspicious is no reason for you to shoot them. When he called the cops they said that if you were following him then you should stop because they didn't need to do that they can handle it but he did otherwise.

What I appreciate about Anthony Turner's essay is that he gives a lot of details about his topic and it gave me a good summary about what happened. I look forward to seeing more about this topic and more about Trayvon and what justice that family is going to get.

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