Spooky story

Nov 1, 2012
by: lprinz

It was a sunny day in Oklahoma. Leslie was babysitting her little brother, Patrick, while their parents were on a date night. They had spent the evening playing board games and hide-and-go-seek. When the sun went down, the siblings decided to watch a scary movie. After arguing about which movie they wanted to watch, they finally settled on A Haunting in Connecticut. Leslie put the DVD into the DVD player and started the movie while Patrick popped popcorn. They both settled down on the couch and began watching the movie. All was normal.... For a while. Suddenly, a thunderstorm blew in from the north. Thunder roared and lightning flashed, lighting up the whole room. Leslie and Patrick were scared out of their minds. "I'm so terrified!" Patrick yelped. "it will be okay, Patrick," Leslie replied trying to soothe her little brother. Without warning, the door handle began jiggling forcefully, like someone or something was trying to get in. Leslie and Patrick screamed in unison and scurried under the couch. The door was blown open abruptly and a huge, smelly, diabolical looking creature loomed in the doorway. Leslie and Patrick restrained shouts of fright as the monster entered the house. "Me hungry," the monster moaned. "Me want dinner". The monster stumbled around the living room clumsily, breaking things as he began looking for the two children. Leslie felt a cold, slimy hand grip her ankle. Fear paralyzed her body. She was ripped from under the couch by the hideous monster. Leslie was face to face with this wretched creature. "me hungry," the monster grumbled again. "oh no," Leslie thought. "this is it. I'm going to die." the monster opened his open to take a ginormous bite out of her head when Leslie woke up. A startled Leslie peered around the room. Everything had been just like it had been before the hideous monster arrived. She looked over at Patrick, sound asleep next to the tv. "oh thank goodness!" Leslie thought. "It was all a dream! I guess that's what I get for watching scary movies before bed!" Leslie had just settled back onto the couch when there was a knock at the door. "Me hungry!"