Something Sorta About the Future Kinda

May 22, 2012
by: G2JustinA

Justin Anisimow

Gold 2

A- I included these youtube videos because I really had no idea what else to use. Also, they’re pretty good songs, and the videos do a good job of distracting you from what is really going on.

B- My passages from The Things They Carried relates to my theme because at the part of the book I recorded, the narrator was questioning what to do with his future. He didn’t know if he should go into the Army or run away and live in Canada. He was thinking about his future and he had to really think about it for a long time by himself before he figured out what to do. It relates because it is very similar to my topic. My topic is the future and the whole section of the book from where i recorded was about his future. My question for my topic was ”will I play lacrosse in college” but i decided to make it more about my entire future rather than just one specific thing. Right now I am questioning what to do in my future, just as the narrator for The Things They Carried was.

D- The two songs I used dont really relate at all. The second song makes me think about my future, but i have no idea why. I included them just because i thought they were good songs and i didn't know of any other songs to use.

F- Well in case you didn’t know, my project is about the future. My videos really have nothing to do with it at all, they’re just there to distract you. So my topic is the future because it’s one of the only things i could think of doing, and it’s also what i look forward to the most. There's so many possibilities of what can happen. My question that started this was, “Will I play lacrosse in college?” This question made me think of so many more questions that i didn’t have answers to. It’s hard to research a question like this because there’s no telling what’s going to happen in one specific person’s future, or anyone’s really.
My perspective on the future has changed quite a bit. When i started this project and was thinking of the future, lacrosse and college were all i thought about. As i thought about my future more and more every day, i came to realize that i need to have options for after high school, so i sat down and talked to a Marine recruiter about joining the Marines. I also talked to my counselor about scholarship options, and i might be able to get one. Theres no telling whats gonna happen in the future, but i cant wait for it it happen.

- If you pay attention the the lyrics in both of the songs, they say things that show they are thinking about the future. So, the songs arent really pointless, they actually help alot.