Soldiers and the effects of combat

May 22, 2012
by: G2KevinR

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Summary Ryan Romero

When I downloaded the first video I thought it went together with my topic because when the man got his hands blown off his friend was very sad and began crying; I know that movie is a comedy but that scene seemed to fit the part. I put the videos that explain PTSD because it shows people what and how serious this condition is.

The first quote “The thing about remembering is that you don’t forget” explains how when the men saw things and remembered them they could never get it out of their heads. And the second quotes talks about how they carried all they could and then some, meaning physical weight and mental/emotional weight.

My song I chose was a sad war song since my topic is pretty sad and sad things happen when individuals have PTSD. Some individuals end up taking their own lives because they don’t know how to handle themselves and/or don’t believe anyone can relate to their feelings.

The interview question was how do you deal with getting over, or block out the bad memories and he said through writing stories to get the information off his chest. This pertains to the subject because this activity could help anyone stop thinking about war memories.

Soldiers witness so many horrific scenes that when they come home it’s very hard to acclimate to society. It’s very hard for soldiers to do this because the majority of people haven’t experienced war and so nobody can relate to what they are going through. I honestly didn’t know how bad PTSD was but now I understand it is a serious disorder that needs to be noticed. I chose this topic because I’m in the ARMY and I know that if I go to combat I will see nasty things, and so now that I know it’s okay to get help it will be easier to communicate my feelings if this is ever a problem.