Sexism All Around!

May 14, 2013
by: telmck

In Guest Blogger's essay, "Olympic Sexism: Men Fly First Class, Women In Coach," from, the author talks about how in spots men get treated better than girls and he or she also talks about why guys get better things than girls. This author also talks about how girls sports seem to have better rating, but yet still the boys are the one that gets all the credit for it.

When we consider the issue of sexism, some might wonder: why is that boys spots are most watched? Guest Blogger blog post addresses this question because he or she know and have done some research about how girls teams tend to do better than men in sports, but yet still they get less attention. “The former captain of the women’s basketball team weighed in, saying she knows it’s about gender: “It’s been a bit of a sore spot, especially since the women are much more successful. I’m yet to find a nice answer for it other than their male and we’re female. You’d hate that that’s the reason, but I’m sure it is.”

This is basically saying that women’s sports are good and they get great support. But just because guys are guys they will always get the credit and more money than female that play the same sports as them!
This might make one wonder why in the world boys or guys get so much attention the girls? I ask this question all the time and can’t seem to find any answer to this question. For me boys are stronger than girls, but their are some girls out there that play and act better than boys. But at the end of the day all of this will change one day!

Another point Blogger makes in his/her blog post is: "But, it is equally important to understand that sexism is still a serious problem for the games, and that women and men are not yet on an equal playing field at the Olympics." This is true because I have watched the 2012 Olympics and women's basketball team did not get that much likes as the mens that is playing the same sport. Another reason why this is true is because I’m a big fan of track and field and the boys had got more attention than girls, even due to the fact that the girls did better in all their race than boys!

A third point addressed by Blogger is: "Female athletes are often treated as secondary and subordinate to their male counterparts, and the sexism that plagues women outside the games persists within them." This is significant, because what this writer is saying is so true in so many ways and if you look at it girls or women always come second to guys even if they do the task better than them.

What we can appreciate about this writer's work is that he or she had hit some great point with sexism. We can look forward to seeing what he/she writes next, because I would like to know why in the world would Blogger write this post in the first place. I would also like to see if he or she had went through this at any time his or her life.