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May 18, 2012
by: G2LiamK

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My whole movie is about running and how it teaches you to be a more determined, better developed, responsible person. The physical and mental games you have to push through when competing in extreme distance races can help you get through anything in your life no matter the situation. I included an interview of a well-known runner named Anton Krupicka. He has run several 100 mile races and ultra-marathon races. He speaks very highly of using running as an example for life. Pushing your hardest, not giving up when it gets tough and knowing you can do anything if you put your mind to it. I included the passages from the books I read for the same thing. They both compared by knowing that life gets hard and you know it could get harder but that is no reason to give up. Because it proves that there is always a sunny day after every rainy one. Even though you don’t think you can keep going, you just push a little bit harder to get through it and come out a tougher better person because of it. Even though you don’t like to think about what you have been through and you know you could have changed it, you didn’t and you can’t, but you can learn from that had make yourself a better person because of it. It’s like looking back on a race that you didn’t finish as fast as you wanted or in the place you wanted, but you can analyze what you did and learn from that and make the next race a more successful one. I chose the song “End of the line” by the Traveling Wilbury’s because like it says “it’s alright”. Even though times get tough as a runner it’s alright. You can take every running experience and learn from it. Whether you did well or not it’s a learning experience. Because when you are running down the road thinking about everything and what you have accomplished and what you have not down so well you can smile about it because you have still ran all those miles and that is a huge accomplishment in itself. And the song explains that very well, hitting every point I want to prove throughout the whole song. Throughout this whole project I have found and learned that I am not the only person to using running in this way. To make running an example for your life, to prove that you can do anything that you put your mind to. I also found that you can take the other aspects from your life, and use it in your running to make yourself a better runner. Running is the perfect object to base your life on, if you’re in the middle of the race and in so much pain you want to quite but you don’t because you know that you will be so disappointed in yourself you can’t bring yourself to pull out of the race. Shouldn’t you do the same for everything else in your life, even though you are in so much pain you know you have to push through to learn from it and make yourself a better person? Why take the easy way out? Humans are programmed to make the hard decisions and do the right thing, running just makes you a better model for that and just makes those decisions easier. Running is my life and my life is running, it pushes me and makes me prove myself as a person ; as a human.