Is Robotics the Future?

May 18, 2012
by: G2danb

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A. I included the video of the various robots that the military is experimenting with because I've been thinking about doing robotics with the military. The reason I've been looking at the military for a possible career choice is because the military is funding research for robotics to help efficiency with various task and to minimize casualty rates.

B. The passages I chose were about how Tim O'Brien wasn't sure on whether or not to flee to Canada. The reason I chose those passages were because they were about how Tim O'Brien wasn't sure on what he wanted to do which why it relate because I was unsure on what I wanted to do.

C. The passages i chose from I, Robot may not be exact passages from the book but they are instead the three laws of robotics that each story in the book emphasizes. I chose them because if someone were to do robotics they should know the three laws. Since I am going into robotics i know by heart now even more so now since I read I, Robot.

D. I chose the song because it is about moving on with your life and to begin a new life. The song relates because my theme is about my future and the song is about moving ahead and not living in the past.

E. The interview was with Isaac Asimov on the future specifically about the future of artificial intelligence. It relates because he tell about how the invention of the computer change our live and how it will change our lives in the future Isaac Asimov is a reputable source because he pretty much is the father of modern robotics.

F. The theme I chose was chosen because it is about my future and how i will be able to go into robotics by outlining the various ways someone could go about it. By doing the research is has reinforce my path to go into robotics.