Reflecting Reality: Virtual and Augmented realities

Apr 29, 2012
by: monotone4

Virtual reality.To most fifty years or so ago the the thought of something comparable to a Virtual Reality would have been unthinkable, something out of a science fiction movie that couldn't be realized.Today the thought of Virtual realities and related products such as augmented reality are not only feasible but also something you can achieve through a simple online subscription .From products such as second life, smart phone and portable console features that have pooped up on the tech market for the past decade, the dream of a virtual world has become real.Today people can play on their intends and integrate their surrounding environments into the game as well as many businesses now meeting online as avatars virtual world rather than in a actual board room. So what is the difference between Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality ? Augmented reality in most of it's forms out on the technical market involves the imposition of additional images or data over a real base such as a filter or cover that adds something that wasn't there before.Virtual Reality in contrast to Augmented Reality deals with the creation of an entire vitalized world without a real-world base underneath it with entire simulated worlds.As technology progress further each year at exponential rates, the fantasy of science fiction could be on the store shelf sooner rather than later.