Psychology: Fear

May 22, 2012
by: G2taylorl

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My theme was psychology, specifically the psychology of fear and a little bit of guilt. We read the book, The Things They Carried, and took passages from the book that related to our theme. One of my passages from the book was on page 204, and related to fear and how the fear works. Another passage from the book was taken from page 23, and explained the guilt they felt for Ted Lavenders death.
The Videos I included in my film were from Silence of the Lambs and from Red Dragon. I used these videos because my outside reading book was Silence of the Lambs, but I had recently finished Red Dragon. The first clip in my movie however was from a movie that I am unsure of, it just happened to emphasize the “guilty” part. The second Video clip was from Batman Begins, featuring the Scare Crow, and emphasizing the point of fear. Closing the first part of my movie, I add a little comic relief with Yoda from Star Wars. In the beginning of the second part of my film, I open up with well-known scenes with the infamous Hannibal. This video was played with the sound of my recording from page 204 of The Things They Carried, representing the fear and associating it with my outside book. My second clip in part 2 was of Clarice Starling searching through the house of Buffalo Bill, to find and kill him. This clip was used with some text from an article. My last and final clip was one of the ending scenes in Silence of the Lambs, showing Clarice talking to Hannibal while he broke her down, and made her tell him a sad story in her life.
My Music choice that played behind these videos and slides was the song Requiem for a Dream. I found this song on one of the Silence of the Lambs videos on YouTube and liked it instantly. It set the mood for creepy and defiantly represented my theme greatly.
I found two articles that went with my movie perfectly.” The process generally starts in the thalamus which collects sensory data…” This quote I had gotten from an article written by Nick Lanniello. (By mistake and in a hurry, I recognized Nick wrong in my credits by putting “Nick Dealing” when it should have been “Nick Lanniello”. I also got the quote “In whatever form a victim of irrational fear perceives his control…” from Nick also. These both went with my movie greatly; due to the videos they were matched up with described what was going on in the video. The quotes “Can people become so broken that truths of how they are being screwed do not “set them free” but instead further demoralize them?” and “Do some people actually want us to hear how we have been screwed because they know that humiliating passivity in the face of obvious oppression will demoralize us even further?” Were taken from an article by Bruce E. Levine and were incorporated in the same video, with Hannibal breaking down Clarice.
I chose this theme because I have a great interest in psychology. I also love horror so my outside book helped me connect and make this video better. It was surprisingly fun when the project was coming to an end to see how the clips fit together and came into my one project. I was excited to see how some of the things I wanted, worked out and looked really nice, for example the ending; but disappointed to see the parts that did not work out. If I were to go back and change some things I would probably take out “Guilt” all together. This did not change any of my personal perspective but did make me think more of the subject of fear and how it ties in with the brain and overall psychology. I chose this topic because I knew I could have fun with it and find out more on something I care about. This is a project I can say I’m proud of.
The brain is what controls our reflexes to fear, or our amount of guilt for a burden we create ourselves on to someone else. We use our minds in every situation. Curiously, our brain seems to enhance in times of fear and danger. Making us fight or flight. People and situations through time try to destroy us with fear or guilt, but it is up to us to fight, or flight.