Peer Pressure

May 18, 2012
by: g2Ethanm

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My relation and opinion in the message throughout the book They Things They Carried. How it relates to an outside reading book and real life.
Peer Pressure Opinion
When I started the project I believed that peer pressure was only the pressure to fall into bad behavior being influenced by a separate party. That peer pressure was the pressure to fall into a new clique doing wrong things or maybe things that you would have never seen yourself doing. After looking in the book The Things They Carried I found that peer pressure can be a little different. Tim talks about how he wanted to dodge the draft by running to Canada. This is something he had heard people were doing do dodge the war. But he decided to go into the war. I guess you could say that he did what he felt like the right thing to do was. Even though it was a tough decision he did the right thing. What I had found out through my research was that peer pressure isn’t only something faced with fitting into a new group or clique that you face decisions every day and they need to be made by you and only you need to make those decisions. A good way to think about it is like the picture in the presentation, “do what you feel is right in your heart- you’ll be criticized anyways”. This really proves a point that no matter what you decide to do that someone is always going to give you a hard time about it anyways. So by doing what you feel is right helps make that decision that much easier.
One video I'm really glad worked out was the Forrest Gump clip. We were watching it in class and it gave me the idea that when Forrest saves Lt. Dan, Forrest was only doing the right thing. But Lt. Dan wanted to die on the battle field. Forrest had the desicion to leave him or save his life. Even though Lt. Dan lost his legs and was a grump old man the rest of his life, in the end he was thankful.So maybe it wasnt to bad that Forrest saved his life after all. The clip of the boy falling was a great example of peer pressure. you can her the boy asking if he should while the one who is recording is say "do it doit or ill pull your pants down." It turned out to be a bad idea in the end. The last video I used was tghe interview. Its a great clip because it gives you an idea of what goes on in your head when your faced with split second desicions and what leads to the out comes of your desicion making. All in all im happy with they way the clips came together and the meaning the set forward.