No more homework in schools!

Jun 3, 2016
by: iparker

For all the schools that I know have homework, I don't think they should.

When schools give kids homework they are stressing kids out by giving them more work to do at home. Even when it's a nice day outside they can't even go outside because they have to stay in and do their homework. Some kids even faint because they get so worked up over doing homework.

Also some kids don't even go to school because of that. So I don't think that we should be getting homework inside of our schools because it id hurting a lot of kids and their lives.


I wonder about the inequity

Submitted by Shannon on Tue, 2016-06-07 12:11.

I wonder about the inequity in not giving homework to some, while some get so much. Practice leads to mastery and if some students aren't practicing while others are, are we setting them up for more success while others aren't? To me, this kind of overhaul would require a nation-wide comitment. 

great good bad

Submitted by ywinston on Thu, 2016-06-16 15:38.

I’m angry with your post isabella no more homework in schools! Why would you even think of having no more homework without homework some of the students will be lost and turn dumb from just sitting and having their eyes glued to the tv because they're either playing a video game or they watching something on tv that is not educational without homework some student will be lost.

A sentence that you wrote that stood out for me is for “all the schools that i know have homework i don't think they should” why do you think that are all the schools that you know giving too much homework and that's why you think that if they are giving too much homework then just write about schools should stop given so much they can't stop given us homework for many reasons.

Another sentence that stood out for me is”when schools give kids homework they are stressing kids out by giving them more work to do at home” this stood out to me because you're right about that even i hate doing homework at times because i have a lot to do at home but we still need it.

I don't agree with you that no more homework for schools one reason that i say this is because like i said before without homework children will be stupid and senseless and forget almost everything they learned sometimes another reason that i disagree with you is sometimes even when children do get homework they still do other things and then don't do it at all.

Thanks for your writing i look forward to seeing what you write next because this was awesome writing to read i was upset with some of your article but it was good.


eharrison's picture
Submitted by eharrison on Fri, 2016-06-24 09:06.

Dear Isabella: I am interested with your post “No more homework in school” because it talks about how kids feel about homework being in school everyday and think that it’s hurting kids don’t like doing homework. I think and also agree that kids shouldn’t have homework because it make them suffer a little bit why because some have problem understanding the work as much other kids the kids think that they shouldn’t have homework

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is for school that has those that I know I think they shouldn’t have homework because the things that teachers might give the kids for homework might be to hard for the kids to do. The way she worded that some kids might get frustrated if they have homework because they don’t like the homework that they give because it might be to hard and complicated for them to do.

Another sentence that I intrigued in is “Some kids even faint because they get so worked up over doing homework” this stood out for me because you said that kids faint when they have to do homework when they don’t like homework i think that kids shouldn’t have homework as well because it is kind of stressful for kids because we have somethings that we want to do and we are kids that likes to have fun and do things that we like to do at times.

Your post reminds me of something that happened to me, one time I had the same feeling about homework but I still did my homework because I was directed to do it over night for the next day just to have homework again.Although the kids do their homework they don’t like it because it’s a lot of work to do and to add on that it’s stressful to them.

Thanks for your writing, I look forward to seeing what you write next because I think this post that you wrote was good because you are talking about what every kids thinks about homework thank you for writing this post because it really connected with my feelings, how because I feel the same way that other kids because i don’t like homework either.