how to tell a story the right way

May 22, 2012
by: g2seans

I included the two videos i did because they tie into my topic, but they make you think about it instead of being completely obvious. the first video i chose was a scene from the movie full metal jacket. The characters are riding in a helicopter and watching the gunman shooting innocent farmers. The reporters ask why they should do a story about him. This clip ties into my theme because this is the kind of story that people can either make up, or they actually are telling the truth. but either way, you have to see it to believe it. i chose my second clip because it was another see it to believe it clip. A psychotic commander, trying to surf on a war ridden beach while explaining that napalm smells like victory. Only if you were there and saw it could it be believed.
The passages i recorded were about telling a story the right way, and not adding other bits and pieces of things that happened or didn't happen. This was closer to my theme in the beginning, but my theme has changed throughout the project. The passage relates more towards, why do people exaggerate when if none ever exaggerated we could believe almost all stories? with all the extra bits people seem to add more and more, it's hard to pick between the truth and the lies.
The song i included doesn't necessarily relate when you first hear it, but to me the lyrics are the story of someone who is telling a story the right way, from their opinion only, and just speaking the facts/truth and not adding all the extra fluff that clutters and mucks up a story. it relates to me because the amazing things that people do today started way back when small, and everything you do has to start small somewhere. you can't just start at the top. You can always start small and go higher. you can't start the best and get better.
The bit of interview i found with tim obrien relates to my topic because he is talkign about how to tell a story, and whether or not telling a story like that has a life saving magic to it, making people remember what they forgot or keeping them from going insane. i agree with this because telling a story and talking helps more than anything else ever could.
The reason i chose this theme were because lately I have been dealing with people changing stories, either because they don't want the blame, or because they think i will gladly accept blame for something. I think the reason people add or change things is not because they want to feel cool or just mis-remember, but rather they are afraid of being blamed or punished for something. i think it is natural human nature to want to not accept blame, since we get punished as children and that stays with us forever. We as humans do not want punishment since it is bad, and will try to push it onto someone else. At firstit was why would people change a story, but now it is more towards how people change them, and how desperate people will go to change it.