How do events change who we are?

May 18, 2012
by: KWP1994

Through the research that I have done, I have learned that traumatic events can change a person, but it can vary person to person. For Tim O'Brien it was an easy transition to civilian life, because his writing helped him to objectify what happened in vietnam. Bowker however didn't have a way to release his pent up emotions after Vietnam, and as a result he hanged himself at the YMCA in his home town. At the start of my research, I was under the impression that events could change people, but I had no idea how much an event could change a person’s life. Two of the changes that Tim O'brien wrote about in the things they carried showed how differently two people can react to the same event or series of events.My personal perspective on the topic hasn't changed all that much. I still believe that events can change a person, but I learned that how different people react can be worlds apart.

I included the videos that I did to give the viewer a perspective of what the men in the things they carried went through during the vietnam war. The videos also show some of the horrors that vietnam veterans had to live with for the rest of their lives. These horrors were too much for some, but for others they were inspiration.

The passages that I choose from The Things They Carried relate to the topic, because they showed how two people's reaction to the same event can be polar opposites. The passages also give a look into how the two men spent their time after they were discharged from the army, and how they both felt about what happened during the Vietnam war. They also show how the two men feel about what's happened since the war.

I choose the passage because I felt that it showed how an event can change a person. The relation to the theme is that the event that the passage captures is one event that changed a boys life. The fact that one event could change a life in this passage shows that Vietnam which was a series of events could change a person.

I choose the song ridin the storm out because to me it represents what you have to do in order for an event that could be completely life changing to be a minor influence on a person’s life. It relates to my theme, because it symbolizes how Tim O'brien was able to ride the storm, that was Vietnam, out.

I used two articles for the movie. I choose the first one, because the title of the article was very similar to the theme that I am researching. I knew that it was a reputable source, because the author, Dr. Kekuni Minton, is a professor at Naropa University in Boulder. He has also co-authored a book called Trauma and Body. The second article I used was a video production on how to cope with post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD). The video was produced by the Centers for Disease Control, meaning that I believe it to be a reputable source.