How can we stop littering in schools?

Dec 3, 2009
by: 14CalpoS

 On December 3rd, my principal wrote a memo. She said "[A disturbing behavior] that I have encountered [in the school is] [t]rash left on tables or near garbage cans after a missed throw." That makes me feel like nobody in our school cares about what people see when they walk in. I have an idea about how we can improve that. I think that before class ends, teachers should look around the room and ask their students to pick up any garbage left on floors and tables. However, this problem also refers to the cafeteria on the first floor. To improve the problem of food laying on the floor, and other garbage not being thrown away properly, I think that the advisors of the lunch period should do the same as the classroom teachers. Though it may be a little strict, there should be a rule that no one can leave the cafeteria if there is food or garbage laying around. I think that is rule could really help everybody, especially the group of students that eat right after. This could help them because they won't have to sit near or on the garbage the people leave behind.


When you wrote, " one

Submitted by 14biswaso on Fri, 2009-12-04 12:34.

When you wrote, " one can leave the cafeteria if there is food or garbage laying around." it made me feel that this idea might just work. I think that this is a very good idea becuase this is the punishment they get when they are leaving food, that other people are not responsible for on the tables. I liked this idea a lot because when the other people leave their food o the tables, they should pick it up. Since we are a family, people should not mind throwinf away food that belongs to others. Something else that I think they should do is that maybe they could have other people telling the person that didn't trow away their lunch to throw it away.

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When you wrote that

Submitted by 14BarrosF on Fri, 2009-12-04 12:35.

When you wrote that teachers/advisors should check on the floors and tables to see if there is garbage around, it made me remember that during lunch time Virge and the school aid, Mildret always check the lunchroom for garbage and do punish people who often leave garbage laying around. I have seen him talk to the people and tell them they have detention or that they have to clean the lunchroom for a week. Now if he does not accomplish that I do not know, but he does try to punish them. But for the classrooms I think that we should improve on that, or maybe we could make the difference and tell the person or people that are leaving the garbage on the tables that they schould throw it out, and give it to them. Now if they do not listen we would tell the teacher, but other than that I think that what you said was fine. We should always try and make people do the right thing and so if we tell them to stop, maybe they might hear us.