The Gliding Bat

Nov 4, 2012

During the night, I was quietly studying in my bedroom, preparing for a major test the next day. Although I was dissolving into my textbook, I remained extremely alert and constantly mused on other things circling my mind. Knowing that I was almost done with my homework, I heard a large crash of noise downstairs, and the strut of someone startled me like never before. Searching my room, I seized whatever was near me as a weapon and slowly approached my bedroom door.

"What could be down there?" I thought to myself. The noises seemed to puncture my ear drums as the severity of the situation increased. However, I knew that I could compose myself and handle whatever was down there with my baseball bat in hand. The setting of my living room and kitchen seemed like an unknown world. The way the rays of the moon streaked the furniture made the rooms seem like a desolate place with all life sucked away. With no sign of an intruder, I believed that the noise was just a shutter of the wind outside. But suddenly, the sounds were projected and I started to hear lingering in the office.

As I walked towards the french doors of the office, my bare feet were puncture by jagged pieces of dinnerware and glass, causing sharp pain. But I knew I couldn't cry, for I had to remain in a stealthy state, which lead me to a broken window above the kitchen sink. My heart began to pump blood faster and sweat trickled down my forehead as the evidence proved that my whole family was in danger. At the same time, I knew that I had the element of surprise and that this intruder wouldn't realize my presence. I propelled myself closer and I heard a voice, but I wasn't able to trace any words until I got closer.

I reached the doors and saw shadows interfere with the light of the office. I clinched the bat, forming white knuckles preparing to strike. Consequently, I heard a woman speak,"It's not here. I think if there was a safe it would be upstairs." She placed something on the desk and approached the doors. My face began to scrunch and I squinted my eyes, but as the climax of the situation reached, I darted in and heaved the bat at her, not knowing who she was.