The Future

May 22, 2012
by: joe

A) I included the videos from YouTube because my topic is on ten years in the future. These videos should what it would be like to live in the future. The video that I included was the trailer from the minority report. I did this because all the items in this movie will be available to the public in ten to twenty years.
B) The passage I recorded relates to my theme because in the book “The Things They Carried” there is a chapter in in called the field trip. This chapter in the book is about how Tim O Brien goes back to Vietnam with his daughter. This relates to my book because he said he would come back.
D) The song I included is just a song for describing the detail. It’s just a buildup song. The song name is called immediate music by Def con. I also think it goes very well with the video I incorporated in my movie.
E) The article I found is explaining how we have very advanced tools for movie making and what will have in the future. The future will have many awesome things to come. Some items for the movie Minority Report will be available to the public in about ten to twenty years.
F) My personal thoughts on my theme were that I’m very interested in the theme and the future and what we will have.