Nov 15, 2013
by: garrmadi
Brizingr Third book in the Inheritance Cycle

Brizinger is the third book in the inheritance cycle for the Eragon series. Eragon used to be a younge farm boy. He would farm, harvest, feed the animals and go hunting for days at a time to bring home food for his uncle Garrow, and his cousin Roran. This is a book will bring you to the world of mystery.

A younge teen age boy dealing with change, death, and mysteries is not easy. There are struggles that are unexplainable. All the responsibilities, come with lots of learning and training. Even though it may be hard he always pulls through, and finds a way to do what he thinks is necessary.

He goes through the lies, and hardships. He learns who is family is, and where he came from. Though he has lots of enemies, sometimes surprise battles, and battles with life in general. He always manages to win and survive.

This is a great book. I strongly recommend it to everyone who likes fiction, mid-evil, adventurous books. This book is full of battles, goor, and love. It takes you on lots of adventures through mystical lands, where different mystical creatures live.

I suggest starting with the first book and moving up. This book moves at a very fast pace, and is hard to follow if you don't read the first books. Their are lots of characters, and you have to keep reading to find out more. This book is very detailed and interesting. Once you pick up the book and start, you won't be able to put it down.