This is Believe

Dec 5, 2012
by: lprinz

I believe in hard work. You will never accomplish anything without working hard toward your goals. Taking the easy way out might seem like the right thing to do at the time, but in the long run, hard work pays off.

Swimming, one thing I am passionate about, is the perfect example of "hard work pays off". Just like any other sport, talent will only take you so far. To reach and exceed your goals, you must work hard for them. A good work ethic and a positive attitude goes a long way. When I go to practice I try to keep a good attitude and always try to put 100 percent effort into whatever we are doing that day. Although it is painful at the time, the hard work really pays off at the end of the season. Last year I was determined to obtain certain times to compete at Sectionals, a fast 15 and over swim meet. My times were somewhat close to the cuts I needed, but I definitely needed to drop some time. My determination to make those cuts came with me to practice every day. Every lap I swam down the pool was driven by my determination to make my cuts. At the end of season, after all my hard work and preparation, I finally made my times. I was ecstatic. Looking back on the entire season, I thought about times I could have skipped practice or not tried. Since I worked hard and gave 110 percent everyday, I finally got my sectionals cuts. Hard work definitely pays off.

Hard work is not only important in sports, but in everything you do - school, work, hobbies. It's important in school to work hard and get good grades so one day you can get a decent job. And when you have a job, it is important to continue working hard to receive a raise or promotion. Hard work will always be part of your life. Even when things seem like they will never work out, or you are struggling, in the long run, your hard work will always pay off.