Are we too dependent on computers?

Nov 29, 2012
by: MichaelM
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Yes! we are too dependent on computers to get us through life.

We use it to find our relationship or to make friends, start fights, look for the current information to make alliances, committees, social groups to find information, to give information, to build, destroy, educate, the list keeps getting wider as the ages pass, we rely too much on technology.

When the power went out during Hurricane Sandy everyone panicked, lost in confusion and in need of electricity. According to This only showed how dependent we really are.

Computer users ignore the risks and problems of using computers. Computers are a threat to human health. according to Computers can have effects on eyes, brain molecules and more . Computers are not only a threat to human bodies but they also destroy relationships and make people lazy. Computer users suffer from diseases and health risks .They don't know that sitting on front of the computer for a long period of time is very dangerous.

Computer can cut all relations between people. Computer users who work on the computer for extended time periods don’t have enough time for talking or connecting with society. According to Real communication occurs when people talk directly, from the speaker's mouth to the listeners ear. according to When people use computers for long periods of time there is another problem, when we depend on computers people become very lazy. The biggest problem is when computers stop working, people cannot function without computers because they’re accustomed to using the computer.



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Submitted by Hectorh on Thu, 2012-11-29 18:40.

i totally think we are dependent on computers. We are so glued to computers i don't think the united states could run 2months without television or computers.

I Agree

Submitted by KiranI on Fri, 2012-11-30 10:28.

I agree on how the United States is too dependent on computers. We use it for anything we need. Not only computers but i-pods, i-pads and more. Hurricane Sandy was a very good example of how dependent we all are on computers. Everyone I knew, including me, were so lost and bored without our computers and technology. We didn't know how to do anything. We couldn't get any news from the outside world and we couldn't communicate.

This is what our world has come to, where we can't even function without technology. This is an issue. We have to be able to do more things without technology. We can't just rely on technology all our lives. We are not going to have power everyday of our lives. There are going to be storms where we lose power and we have to be ready. We also have to be able to do more stuff.

Some people think it's alright relying on technology and that it's more productive. I agree on how it's more productive, but we have to find ways to be productive without technology. This way, through any problems or obstacles we can be able to work. We will be able to move forward in our lives in stead of being at a halt, and not do anything. This are my reasons on how americans are too dependent on computers.

We Don't Rely Too Much on Computers

Submitted by EthanR on Fri, 2012-11-30 10:32.

I don't think we rely too much on computers. Computers are our way of life we use them for almost everything. You might think we rely too much, but I bet if you tried going without a computer for a week you couldn't do it. Also you say people who spend too much time on the computer don't have time to connect with society, but there are many ways to connect on the computer. Such as email,facebook and twitter. For many jobs you also need the computer such as marketing,engineering, and architecture. Also if you invest in the stock market, computers are the best way to research stocks. You mentioned that there are health risks involved and it makes people lazy. That is true if that's all that you do. If you get outside and get exercise as well then it's not really a health risk. Finally we use computers a lot in school for writing papers and much more. If you took computers away it would be a lot harder to get school work done. Computer is innovation and it keeps improving and getting better. It is a very efficient way to do things,and without it people would struggle to get some things done. Whether you like it or not computers are a part of everyday life, and are used in our society today.


Submitted by Emi on Tue, 2013-02-05 20:08.

You just said that we don't rely on them to much, but then go on to say that they're our way of life? That's like saying we don't rely on water and food. I agree, it is very efficient, but because it's so efficient, we are completely dependent on them. Computers are indeed a part of everyday life, therefore we are dependent on them.

Computer dependent

Submitted by JamieH on Fri, 2012-11-30 11:17.

I think we are too dependent on computers. When I do not have my computer or my parents take it away I am bored or can't do my homework. A lot of the work that we have in school involves using a computer. If you do not have a computer, you wouldn't be able to do your work, talk with your friends, or even search things. Like the author said people use it for friends and relationships on social networking. I think this is true because most people don't just go on their computer to do homework. Some people want to catch up with old friends.During hurricane sandy people were constantly checking their phones or computers but it was hard because you couldn't use it for that long or the battery would die eventually. For me, it was not that hard because I had my phone which is a smart phone so it is just like a computer.

I agree with the writer because too many people are computer dependent. But sometimes its a good thing and a bad thing.It is a good thing if you are using it for work and stuff that you want to do. But its a bad thing if you are using it to do bad things on it. Especially on social networking sites. If you are using it to cyber bully kids on social networking sites then that is not a good thing. If I did not have my computer I would not know what to do mostly because of homework and social networking sites. Usually every night I at least go on my computer for an hour and a half. But, If i don't get the chance to go on my computer then it is ok. I am sometimes computer dependent but not always because I have my phone. I think most people that don't have a smart phone go on their computers more because they can't use a social networking site on a non smart phone. For me, I think being computer dependent is a bad thing because you are not doing other things besides being on your computer for most of the day.


Submitted by RebeccaO on Fri, 2012-11-30 11:26.

I totally agree people in America spend way to much time on the computer. That is pretty much how we function on a regular, in school use computers; at work use computers. It feels like having a computer is a necessity because of Facebook, twitter, and those other social networking sites. There is no way around the truth, almost every house hold in the U.S. has minimum one computer. According to 82% of all U.S. homes have at least one computer and 48% has multiple computers. In your discussion you stated that there are not many social relationships for people who use computers a lot everyday. I believe that is because people use spend their days on the computer playing games is just to avoid the heart break or connection to anyone else.

As you used in your discussion, Hurricane Sandy was very devastating. Almost everyone in my town lost electricity, but more importantly wifi. My family was so bored, we didn't know what to do with ourselves. There was no reach to the outside world, well at least that is what it felt like. Sandy hit hard and my family was out of power for six days. When you think about it it's not really that long, but when you rely on the internet to connect you to the outside, it's like a life time. Visiting different houses who had power really got me through it. In reality I survived playing board games visiting friends.

On a regular day I use the computer for about five to six hours. In school we use it almost all the time in Language Arts and in Yearbook. I enjoy being able to type our work in these classes because nothing is permanent on the computer, unless you post it. We get to have a break from writing erasing and then writing more. It really stinks when you use pen and you make a mistake there is no possible way to fix it without redoing the whole thing. In this sense computers are better to use in school because students know they can't use social networking sites while they work in class. In other classes we use it sometimes, but a lot of our homework is on the internet. That's another three hours and then don't forget a bout social networking. If there was no such thing as social networking I would be able to finish all my homework in a heartbeat. But that's not the case while I type an essay, I'm on Facebook. When I work on a presentation, I have to watch music videos. This is what I rely on to stay focused on my homework.

Computer dependent?

Submitted by CarolineB on Fri, 2012-11-30 11:25.

In my opinion I do not think we depend on computers. Of course we use computers. But you are only stating the bad side of computers. With computers we can as much or even more information than reading a book. I am not saying reading a book is bad i'm just saying that computers are much easier to do a research paper on. With out computers most people won't know what is going on in the world. The news people report instantly. While the news papers take a day or even more to publish and get delivered.

If you don't like how there is making relationships then don't go on that sight. Facebook or other social networking sites is not ruining relationship. It is the peoples choice if the relationship is not working out. If a friendship is ruined over Facebook then there was already a problem with their friendship. A friendship should not be ruined over Facebook. If they have a problem say it to each others faces. If you can't say it to their face don't say it at all. There are sights where you can find a "match" but if you are really against it then don't go on it. Meet someone somewhere else.

Computers effect your eyes after awhile, I am not denying that. So does your phone, so does your i pod, so does your Ipad, Etc. It is not just computers that hurt your eyes. Most electronics do. The laziness that has to do with it is the person not the computer. If I am on the computer I am not going to not go outside because of it. It depends on what I am doing If i am on Facebook and video chatting with my friends I would go out side after 20 minutes. If I am doing homework and I am in the middle of it and it is hard and due tomorrow then I won't go outside until I am done.

During Hurricane Sandy people wanted to know if everyone was okay. In order to communicate we used the computer. They didnt want to go on Twitter and look at Justin Bieber. They wanted to know if all their family and friends were alright. It is important to know if they are. It was a terrible storm . It was one of a kind and there was a lot of damage.


Submitted by AshlieG on Fri, 2012-11-30 11:22.

I agree with this article that we are dependent on computers. I don't think people realized how much they used technology before Sandy, but after Sandy people had to realize. I have to admit I am one of those people on the computer today but that is normal. During Sandy I wasn't saving my phone battery for an emergency call I was playing games and checking the social media networks. We would have to use our gas from the car to charge up the phones since that was the only way. We shouldn't need a dating website to tell us who we love we should just get off the computer a go outside and we might find him or her. People make these accounts on Instagram or somewhere else, to spam the internet with pictures of their favorite band, with hope people from school don't find out.I use my Ipad a lot for Instagram and sometimes my mom yells at me since she thinks I am on it to much, which might be true. Our generation is based on social media so I believe if the power was off not internet or anything people could not survive a day, I know I couldn't.
I never knew computers could be a threaten to human health but I guess its true. I have seen people's relationships ended with the computer since some people post everything they do for their whole day. I especially agree that it makes people lazy because instead of going outside and playing they are looking at what other people are doing at that very moment. We look at what you thought were friends hanging out then get sad since you were not invited. Maybe if we told our friends what we like to do they would realize we have a closer connection they would invite us to more things they do. When we become lazy we don't get up to play or even move for a long time they we have greater chances for disease. How can we ever experience the joy people have playing sports if we never leave the couch or the chair?

I agree

Submitted by AlannaB on Fri, 2012-11-30 11:25.

Yes, I do agree that we are too dependent on computers. This article also reminds me of another article I read last week that was talking about the difference between texting and talking. The publisher was talking about how people rely too much on texting, when they could be talking on the phone. When you text, you can't hear the persons voice or how they actually feel. By that I mean you can hear people's emotions but while your texting you can't. Anyways, this reminds me of that article because we are too dependent on computers/technology. I also agree on what you said in the first paragraph. "We use it to find our relationship or to make friends, start fights, look for the current information to make alliances, committees, social groups to find information, to give information, to build, destroy, educate, the list keeps getting wider as the ages pass, we rely too much on technology." I agree that we do rely on technology too much. Without technology where in the world would we be right now?
During Hurricane Sandy, I lost power for 9 days. I was bored, and had nothing to do the whole time. People indeed did go crazy without having power, because there is nothing to do without it! I totally agree that it just goes to show how dependent we are on technology/computers. You also said that the "Computers can have effects on eyes, brain molecules and more." Yes I agree with that, but what are you doing right now? Reading my comment on your post on your COMPUTER. Computers and technology does destroy relationships because what you say online, is so much easier than saying it in person. So yes, all in all I do agree that we all depend too much on technology, and computers.

Computer Dependency

Submitted by LexiR on Fri, 2012-11-30 14:12.

I agree with the fact that American's are very computer dependent. In a way, it isn't even dependency, it's become more of a need and an addiction to some extent. According to, ,in 2005, just 9 - 15 million people in the United States used the internet every day, and every three months the rate of use was increasing by 25%. That is insane! Can you imagine what those numbers are like now, going into 2013? Just noticing how much I am on the computer on a daily basis is crazy. I never realized how much I am actually using the computer.

When you mentioned about Hurricane Sandy, immediately a light bulb went off in my head. I was without power for about a week and a half. During that week and a half, it was just about unbearable being with the internet. I felt like I was so bored and had nothing to do because like my teacher says, "the world is at your fingertips", and that is so true. You can search just about anything and do anything just with a computer. I realized during Sandy how dependent I am on my laptop. Sitting there in darkness with a few candles and no technology wasn't easy.

I never really thought of computers as a threat. Staring at a computer all day can really affect you! I can also see it as a way to affect relationships and even a way to escape communicating with people face to face, which may be why people are so dependent on them. In a way, they have become a resource in which we use for communication. According to, 69% of people day that they think Facebook is affecting people’s relationships, which is part of the computer.

In many cases, it can be so bad that when people are without a computer, they can feel lost and hopeless. To be honest, it was a bit of a struggle for me to be without my MacBook laptop for a week and a half during Sandy, which just shows how dependent I am. No, this is not a good thing, but I think I can change that. Overall, I believe that many of us are computer dependent and we should find a way to change that. Although it may be hard to change the way this technology based society does things, but I think that computer dependency can change.

I agree that our generation

Submitted by CameronB on Fri, 2012-11-30 14:14.

I agree that our generation is too dependent on computers it is ironic that I say this while on the computer, but I do think you are right. Computers are something that should be used minimally, and to help benefit you. As it was mentioned in the article, being on the computer does have many health risks. Computers allow us to social network through Facebook, Twitter, etc. but, chatting with someone isn't equivalent to actually speaking with them. There are many benefits to computers, but there are even more negative aspects to them.

I was affected by Hurricane Sandy and lost power for almost two weeks. I usually don't go on the computer all that often, but when we lost power I saw how dependent I really was to it. To be honest, I really saw how dependent I was on modern technology. My family resorted to playing card games and board games for entertainment. I remember playing board games that I hadn't even touched for years. I sat there thinking: Wow, I wish I could go on the computer right now. I'm positive I cannot be the only teenager who thought that because I know how much kids my age love using the computer. I know this because I haven't gone a day with out someone asking me if I saw who posted what.

Eye disease, bad posture, hurting your hands, and computer stress injuries are the top four health problems caused by computers according to I don't think that using the computer is worth health issues that could last a life time. I know someone who had perfect vision, but needed glasses because they spent too much time on the computer. There have also been countless times where I have seen my brother hunched over his computer. He hasn't got the worst posture ever and it certainly isn't the best. Sure he could probably correct it, but it would be much easier to correct the habit of using the computer as often. These sorts of issues are something that I see each day especially in school.

There is no doubt in my mind that extensive use of the computer is bad for you. I agree with everything that you mentioned in your article. Especially what you said about the Hurricane and power outage. I know from everyday life that kids have health issues from spending too much time on the computer. I think that we need to stop our dependence on computers before it is too late to correct the issues.

Too Dependent On Computers

Submitted by MichaelPe on Fri, 2012-11-30 14:16.

I completely agree with Michael. We are too dependent on computers. Like said Hurricane Sandy was a wake up call. I as well as a lot of people lost power during the storm. I felt lost without internet. To be continued...

In a sense...

Submitted by Christopher_Ayers on Mon, 2013-01-07 19:19.

While we may depend of computers for a lot of things, we need computers for today's work. A lot of work can only be done through computers.

Being dependent on technology

Submitted by Emelyp on Thu, 2013-01-10 11:28.

Dear Michael M,

I am very moved by your article about being dependent on technology because it is true. Without technology we would be doing better in society. We wait all day for people to respond on Facebook when we could be reading a book or relaxing with our family's or better yet hanging out with friends.

When you wrote about how we make friends and starts fight its true that happens but we don't realize it.

I found your article very interesting and thank you for writing it.

Sometime True

Submitted by MitchellT on Wed, 2013-01-16 21:08.

We aren't necessarily to dependent on computers to such an extent that our necessity to use computers causes us to distance ourselves from real life. People, on the other hand, can become addicted to technology, causing them to loose touch with real life. The frivilous use of technology is commonly seen on sites such as Facebook where people seem to want to waste their time obsessing over creating an ideal image of their life. So, no, we aren't essentially dependent on technology, but we like to create so many online social clubs and forums that we seem to be dependent on them.


Submitted by abenavides44 on Thu, 2013-01-17 15:47.

I really enjoyed your piece on Too dependent on computers because everything you speak of it true on how computers on effecting our everyday lifes and making us more lazy, and how we are accustomed to use computers, which we should cut down on our computer time. Keep it coming!

I agree that people are

Submitted by PeytonR on Tue, 2013-01-22 11:18.

I agree that people are becoming too dependent on computers. (We don't want to end up like the people in Wall-E). However, I feel that you failed to mention the pros to computers. In some cases, people can interact better through computers. Think Skype or emails to a family member who is far away.

We're dependant on computers,

Submitted by Anonymous on Tue, 2013-03-12 17:54.

We're dependant on computers, sure, but a lot of the other points are generalisations or attacks on people's awareness. I spend most of my time at a computer, I do Computer Animation, digital sculpting and such. It's my job and it beats working in a shop. I'm completely aware of health problems, I'm to be wed and I'm perfectly capable of going out into the real world and talking to people (although one of the reasons I like computers is that I suffer social anxiety, it's not a result of using computers, using computers is a way to talk to people without sufferance).

I must admit, I feel a bit lost when things pack up electronically. I enjoy using them and I enjoy playing games/whatnot. This is a lifestyle choice and I'm capable of having a good time without it, but when the weather's horrible why would I want to go out into the rain? Why play a board game I've played 1,000 times if just to kill time, when I have a computer that I can do it just as effectively? Games allow people to gain new experiences, a good game is a graphical representation of a story, an interactive film. Some games are shallow and really are just for a bit of fun/killing time but often they allow people to feed their competitive nature.

What else would you have them do? I hate sports, they are uninteresting. I love mountain biking, getting to a resort and finding people to go with can be trickier. You're judging people for not liking the things you do and not comforming to the rest of society.

As I said, my degree focuses around using a computer. I read books and other things, but I'm not lazy, I spend 12 hours a day doing work, there's a difference between complete laziness and a desire to use your mental processes rather than physical, are you defining them as lazy because they sit still for hours and don't feel like moving much?

There are plenty of people that are exactly as described, sometimes there are mitigating circumstances and other times there are not. This post sounds like a grand generalisation that all computer users are lazy, have no idea what's going on and are unable to grasp simple mechanics like talking to people face-to-face. 

Your citations are poor, your judgement for health was from a website that looks like some kind of internet forum where anyone can say anything. Noteable citations are usually written as books, which, may I add, are typed up on a computer. What's wrong with being dependant? Were we not it would take hundreds of people years to produce books. Or I can type it up once, hit print and distribute thousands. 


Submitted by amagom on Mon, 2013-04-15 16:33.

Dear Michael,

I am impressed by your post “Are we too dependent on computers?” because you said so many things that are true, but not necessarily. Not all people think the same way as you. I personally think that many people are too dependent on computers, but you exaggerated a little bit; you didn’t include all the benefits that it has. I completely agree with a lot of the thing you said, but I am a big fan of computers and the internet.

One sentence you wrote that stands out for me is: “Real communication occurs when people talk directly, from the speaker's mouth to the listeners ear.” because I don’t think this is true. I do believe it is better to talk to a person face to face when it is something very serious, but real communication doesn’t have to necessarily like that. Some people would prefer to talk to someone face to face, but other would not. It depends on everyone’s point of view.

Another sentence that I was surprised by was: “Computer can cut all relations between people.” I think computers can create relations between people and even extend them. I know that people use computers for different purposes, but if you’re not using it for anything that can cause harm to others; then it is perfectly fine.

I don’t agree with you that “Computers are not only a threat to human bodies but they also destroy relationships and make people lazy.” Computers are helping us extend our thoughts and augmenting our creativeness. When you say computers, do you mean the internet? I think the internet is great. It is in a way finishing our thoughts or not letting us do things by ourselves, but it is helping us a lot. Thanks to that we got a lot of things available to us without having to go outside.

Thanks for your writing. I look forward to seeing what you write next, because I will like to know what makes you think this. I will also want to know if you think the internet has any benefits.