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Same-Sex marriage

Should same sex marriage in the US be legalized? I feel that same sex marriage should be legalized everywhere in the United States. There are many arguments as to why this is, but I believe Tom Heads article “Four reasons to support same-sex...


The political issue I chose was should concealed guns be allowed everywhere. This matters to me because it concerns my safety and the people around me. I think that people should be allowed to carry concealed weapons, but I also think there should...

Can alternative energy sources replace oil?

Alternative energy may be the future of our world’s source in place of oil, although it is not likely in my lifetime or in the generations to come; oil is an abundant resource. However, I do believe that nowadays it is a great source to allow us to...

Should We be Labeling GMOs?

I chose the topic of: “Should GMO’s be labeled?” GMO meaning; Genetically Modified Organisms are often put in fruits and vegetables to help alter their growth and taste, but are not labeled for the public to see (because GMOs have not been proven...

Is Attacking ISIS the Best Choice?

Should we go to war against The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (better known as ISIS)? This question is on the minds of many Americans today. According to "Pew Research", 39% of Americans think the US government has a responsibility to intervene...

Arts and Entertainment



Facing Math

Walter, in Bad Boy faces certain forces and pressures because Walter is having trouble with his math work thing that is supposed to be easy, but for him it is hard. He meets these forces and pressures by thinking that he will not to go to class, but...

Native American mascots

A very hot and controversial topic going around the country right now is all the violence that has been happening in the NFL lately and the actions being done by the commissioners and coaches. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson two widely known football...


I’ve recently read a book called Burnout written by Rebecca Donner. The book basically tells of a girl and her mom who had to move from the city to Elk Ridge,Oregon after the girls dad left. Elkridge,Oregon is a logging town deep in the mountain....

Domestic Violence and Professional Athletes

I am not a huge sports fan but it has been hard to ignore the recent hype surrounding the incidences of domestic violence among professional athletes. The Baltimore Raven’s running back, Ray Rice, was recently suspended by the NFL after a physical...



The Fault In Our Stars

The Absolute True Diary of a Part Time Indian

This book was written as a diary about an Indian boy named Arnold Spirit but everybody called him Junior. He lived on a reservation with his mother, father , sister,and grandmother. He had a best friend named Rowdy and his father’s best friend...


This book was a very strong book and maybe kind of disturbing it was also sad. This book was about a girl named Jane who was only fourteen and forced into prostitution. To me this book was a very sad book because of all the things she had to go...

Summer Unplugged

This book was about a girl named Balayieh. She was very popular in school. Her boyfriend Ian was the most popular boy in school and she pretty much got everything she wanted. She was spoiled. She was also very troubled at home. She would always end...

Connected Research

The Federal Government and Education

This is a topic that I have heard discussed many times and I think it is very important for our nation to address. It concerns both myself and other students throughout the country because it may potentially have an impact on our college and career...

What Should Be Done About Fracking

Should fracking be banned or more highly restricted? In the past fracking has done significant damage to the environment and, not to mention working on fracking rigs is a highly dangerous job. Fracking does however increase jobs and it allows...

Legalization of Drugs in the United States

The legalization of drugs has become an important political issue in recent years. A very vocal population has arisen supporting the legalization of drugs such as marijuana which has widespread use in the U.S. I chose this issue because the laws...

What Can We Do About Air Pollution?

“What can be done about air pollution?” I believe a lot can be done to decrease the amounts of pollution we put into our air. From doing things as simple as turning off lights and appliances when you leave the room, to just remembering to recycle...

Utah's Bad Air Quality

The fast approaching Winter months bring with them not only the freezing weather but also the dreaded inversions. These past few winters in Utah have been particularly bad and the air quality has even become a deterrent, Utahns no longer want to...


The Power of The Family

Hace mucho, un hombre llamado Juan vivía con su mujer Maria en una casa muy pobre , ellos no tenían muchas cosas pero tenían un gran amor que nadie los podía separar, después de algún tiempo decidieron tener un hijo , pero no se pudo , y luego...

Locura Y Amor

Eduardo Galeano: Cuentan que una vez se reunieron en un lugar de la tierra todos los sentimientos y cualidades de los hombres. Cuando el Aburrimiento había bostezado por tercera vez, la Locura, como siempre tan ocurrente, les propuso: "¿ Vamos a...

la vida de los inmigrantes

Hola Mi nombre es Daniela Cruz, soy de Honduras pero vivo en Austin Tx. Soy una estudiante de Eastside Memorial. En mi clase de English yo y mis otros companeros estamos haciendo un projecto de los inmigrantes y estamos invistigando la vida de los...

La vida de los inmigrantes

Queridos estudiantes Mi nombre es José Daniel Martínez soy de El Salvador , san Salvador y tengo 17 años de edad vivo en Estados Unidos en el estado de Austin Texas estudió en la escuala eastside memorial y estoy en el grado 11 . mi clase está...

La Vida de Los Inmigrantes

Hola My nombre es Donato Prado y yo soy un estudiante de la Eastside Memorial High School . Y my clase esta haciendo un proyecto de Inmigración . Y nosotros estamos recolectando historias y entrevistas de Los siguientes inmigrantes Por favor les...

From the Middle (6-8)

Bad Boy

Walter Dean Myers ,the protagonist in,Bad Boy has a few trait that influence his relation with other. One he is proud, two he is angry, three he is imaginative. Theses traits influence his relationship with others. This trait match For example like...

My favorite region

I think this region in the same region because they not in the border ocean.And almost all of them grow the same major industries.And what’s different is the state capital for example Michigan state capital is Lansing and Nebraska state capital is...


What i know about Ebola is that I can catch it when i'm cut open and somebody else is bleeding. People with Ebola cough up blood, and throw up blood and if you have a needle with blood and if you inject yourself with it you can catch Ebola.

fire station reflection

The two thing I learn in the fire station is that there are two group one is 44 and 96.They both work together but they both do different stuff 44 rescue people and and 96 take down the fire.Also 44 has one of the tallest ladders in ny.

Fire Station Reflection

I learned there are 2 types of fire trucks i think its was very fun learning about 2 fire truck the number was 94 had the small latter and number 44 have a 85 high latter it was the most biggest letter in N.Y.C these are the interesting things i...

Gaming and New Media

Maria's Animated Introduction

Here is my animated introduction: My name is Maria and I’m 19 years old. Some people said that I have a chinese mane but I'm spanish. I’m from a small town in Guatemala called Chajabal, but these days I’m studying and sometimes working in New York...

Leorelys' Animated Introduction

My story begins when I was in the Dominican Republic when I was little. I grow up with my brothers. Now they are 10 and 7 years old. My father had to leave my country and go to the United States to find work and a future for my family. So he...

Yuting's animated introduction

My name is Yuting Chen My name is Yuting Chen and I am fourteen years old. I came from China so I speak chinese. I have a small family. My father is a car service driver and he has great cooking skills, but he’s also a little dull. My mother...

Areej's animated introduction

This my animated introduction My name is Areej. I’m 14 years old and I am from Pakistan. I speak three languages: English, Urdu, and Punjabi. My mother’s name is Samina Kausar. She likes to cook and sew clothes. My brother’s name is Usama...

Areej's animated introduction

My name is Areej. I’m 14 years old and I am from Pakistan. I speak three languages: English, Urdu, and Punjabi. My mother’s name is Samina Kausar. She likes to cook and sew clothes. My brother’s name is Usama Muraad. He likes football and he...

Letters to Decision Makers


Hola, I’m Grace and I go to Okemos High School. I can speak fluent Korean, and I have an older brother. My favorite thing to do is eat (anything I can get my hands on). I like all subjects but I'm not very good at math. My hobbies include tennis,...

My Name

Sarah, it’s a pretty plain name, nothing super different from everyone else, but it’s origin is out of the ordinary. A couple decades ago, my dad heard a song, “Sara Smile”. He really loved the song as a kid and early on decided if he had a daughter...

The story of my name

Noah is a Jewish name and my name is famous because my name comes from Noah's Ark. If you don't know Noah's Ark, Noah's Ark is a story that my mother used to tell. They say that God told Noah that it was going to rain a hundred and fifty days, then...

Black Boy

The first page of black boy was about how two boys who wanted to see the fire second they light the curtains on fire and then little brother said that if he don't stop that he was going to tell on him if he don't stop third the curtains got out of...

Read About Me

I am Paula-Christine Campbell. What's important to me? Family ( sort of) , laughter, having a good time. Oh and bacon, you can never go wrong with bacon, unless you’re a vegetarian then I guess turkey Bacon is ok. Right? A turning point that has...

Our Space (K-5)

Hurricane Stories

Given what people in New York and New Jersey are going through with Hurricane Sandy, I thought Youth Voices readers might like to see some writing by third graders in response to Hurricane Gustav a few years ago. Hurricane Gustav arrived, Labor Day...

My Shell

Beautiful Like a glimmering lake in the sun it shines so very brightly. On the outside. On the inside, it feels smooth, silky. But it doesn't shine as brightly, it may be bright, on the outside, but on the inside, it seems faded.


Ocean acidification is a rising problem on Earth. It is a term used to decribe the rising acidity in the oceans. 1/3 of the carbon dioxide we edmit from burning ficil fuels is absorbed by the oceans. This equals to 1 million tones...

A Fish

A fish Blue peach colored Happy and good to be free Black and green A sea creature Tobie

Jazz Man

Jazz man Loud, tall Famous, blond, handsome Man who plays jazz. Musician. By Matthew

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six word memoir


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my name in pictures

My biography

I'm 17 and I live in NY. I'm from Europe. I was born in a south east country called Albania. I just have a year in US. I honestly expected more from this country but it’s fine. I thought it's going to be better and beautiful but no it's worse. What...

My Journal

Here Junilka and I were video chatting over Google Hangouts and talking about the journals we wrote in the morning at the youth voices program.


My conversation with Jennifer. We talked about what we put in our journals this morning and a little something extra.

Class Of 2015

The instructor said Go home and write a page tonight And Let that page come out of you-- then, it will be true I wonder is it that simple? Ms. Rothbard we finna be SENIORS next year Class of 2015 Freshman year from nothing to Senior year to being...