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Feeding Our World

As the population continues to grow, we must also increase our food productions to survive. Currently we are not fulfilling this task. People all over the world starve everyday, but is this a matter of production or distribution? Recently we...

school bullying in the united states

My senior project is going to be on school bullying in the united states.I thought this will be a great senior project topic to do my research on because it really makes me mad when I see students getting bullied.There are different types of...

Racism in America

My senior project topic is about racism in America. I choose this topic because every where i went around america all i see is racism. At a young age I experienced racism from stereotypes to profiling. In the article that i read "Jim Crow laws"...

What's going on with the NFL?

If you have watched or read any sort of news source lately then you have most likely heard about what's going on in the NFL. In the past week a video, of now former Baltimore Ravens player Ray Rice savagely beating his girlfriend was released....

Trouble in the NFL?

A very hot and controversial topic going around the country right now is all the violence that has been happening in the NFL lately and the actions being done by the commissioners and coaches. Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson two widely known football...

Arts and Entertainment

Back to Adventures Books

When I was young, I remember reading all of these crazy adventures books like Peter Pan. As I have grown older, I have stopped reading those books. However, in my A.P English class, our teacher gave us a list of classic books to read, and...

Dimly Lit Stars

People make mistakes. That we know for sure, none of us are any better than the person next to us, and that's something we as humans often struggle to understand. We all have flaws, all of us. Even the most emulated role model of our time has things...

My Name

A couple months before my birth ,the O.B.G.Y.N told my parents ,they were expecting a boy. Of course me being the first boy, they got their hopes up; planning to name me Paul after my father. His middle name. The day of my birth on a hot...

Discussion: A Doll's House (Henrik Ibsen)

I recently finished Henrik Ibsen's "A Doll's House". I found the speed and subject matter of the play to be very lack luster for the majority of the play

Ray Rice: Role Model to All

Many are aware of the scandal that NFL Raven's player, Ray Rice, has been a part of. A video surfaced recently of him beating his fiancé in an elevator, then dragging her knocked-out body out. Not only is the video disturbing to see, but it's also...


Light in Snow

I am currently reading Light on Snow by Anita Shreve. I am only in the first chapters of the book and I'm getting to know the characters. My mom read this book and gave me a little synopsis as to what the book is about. The characters I have met so...

Prayer for Beginners

I have always considered myself to be a faith-based person. I associate myself with Catholicism, which brings me incredible amounts of happiness to my life. I am always driven to learn more about my faith, so I was very excited when I was...

Lord of the Flies

I am currently reading the book Lord of the Flies. This book interested me because I hear it come up constantly in conversations between avid readers. It's been very interesting so far because these group of young boys are stranded on an island and...

Treasure Island

I am currently reading "Treasure Island" by Robert Louis Stevenson. I choose this book because I heard it was good from my father, and the title intrigued me. I haven't read that much of it yet, but there is already a lot of action. It has been...

The Great Gatsby

“In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars.” This brief quote embodies the essence of Jay Gatsby, the mysterious millionaire whose story is elaborately told through F. Scott...

Connected Research

The Tao of Wu

I'm currently reading a book called "The Tao of Wu" by RZA, a member and producer of the group Wu-Tang. This book explores the many different influences that have come to shape Wu-Tang as well as RZA himself, as this book is mostly a memoir of his...

Subtle Stereotypes

http://theafrican.com/Magazine/IQ.htm After reading a certain book last year (name I forget), I was made aware by our nation's low test scores by racial minorities. These test scores came in the form of elementary school standardized national tests...

Rising Student Debt

As a senior in today's society, one of the most pressing issues in my life is what I'm going to do once I graduate high school. Where am I going to go, what am I going to study, and maybe mostly importantly; how am I going to pay for a higher...

Poverty in Oakland

My senior project is on Poverty in Oakland. I chose poverty because its affecting alot of our youth and i chose oakland because where im from just happens to be poverty heavy. A source i found was http://my.firedoglake.com/hotflashcarol/2012/07/25/...

Privilege and How That Effects Justice

The other day I was browsing my Facebook feed when I noticed a video entitled "Ray Rice Inspired Makeup Tutorial." I usually don't watch videos that pop up on Facebook but after it was shared for the fourth time on my feed I decided I would see what...


The Power of The Family

Hace mucho, un hombre llamado Juan vivía con su mujer Maria en una casa muy pobre , ellos no tenían muchas cosas pero tenían un gran amor que nadie los podía separar, después de algún tiempo decidieron tener un hijo , pero no se pudo , y luego...

Locura Y Amor

Eduardo Galeano: Cuentan que una vez se reunieron en un lugar de la tierra todos los sentimientos y cualidades de los hombres. Cuando el Aburrimiento había bostezado por tercera vez, la Locura, como siempre tan ocurrente, les propuso: "¿ Vamos a...

la vida de los inmigrantes

Hola Mi nombre es Daniela Cruz, soy de Honduras pero vivo en Austin Tx. Soy una estudiante de Eastside Memorial. En mi clase de English yo y mis otros companeros estamos haciendo un projecto de los inmigrantes y estamos invistigando la vida de los...

La vida de los inmigrantes

Queridos estudiantes Mi nombre es José Daniel Martínez soy de El Salvador , san Salvador y tengo 17 años de edad vivo en Estados Unidos en el estado de Austin Texas estudió en la escuala eastside memorial y estoy en el grado 11 . mi clase está...

La Vida de Los Inmigrantes

Hola My nombre es Donato Prado y yo soy un estudiante de la Eastside Memorial High School . Y my clase esta haciendo un proyecto de Inmigración . Y nosotros estamos recolectando historias y entrevistas de Los siguientes inmigrantes Por favor les...

From the Middle (6-8)


I am a fish gooey as an inside of a pumpkin i swim all around i blow bubbles in the ocean i can eat shrimp i can jump i am a fish on a dish getting eating

Dont Judge

A child is like a butterfly in the wind Some can fly higher than others But each one flies the beast it can Why compare one to another Each one is special each one is Beautiful.

my life

Now i'm leaving deceiving look at people the inking in besting c;heating completing slap that nigga till he,s bleeding now in running from the cop i pop a shoot going back to swinging a mop i all grown up looking down at niggas saying what...


once upon a time there was a little sad bunny because he never had any friends . He said ‘ wow why can i not have any friends . then a little mouse came to the rabbit said to the rabbit ‘ don’t worry rabbit i could be your friend the rabbit was...


mom says i'm too young to get a car. but what i'm not too young is to write bars. people be saying that im not ready for the game . but that don’t matter i just do it for the fame. its not fair about the way they treat people , there is so clear so...

Gaming and New Media

What Makes a Social Media Site Successful?

All over, we see people using social media for everything. From valuable communication tools like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to dating websites like Tinder to less serious programs like Snapchat, everyone uses social media. So, what makes a...

Animated Introduction

Here's my animated introduction:

Dance Romance

Project Page

Controlling Code at the Next Level Badge

Check out my badge on P2PU, and feel free to apply!

Helping can make a different

Project Page

Letters to Decision Makers

Black Boy

The first page of black boy was about how two boys who wanted to see the fire second they light the curtains on fire and then little brother said that if he don't stop that he was going to tell on him if he don't stop third the curtains got out of...

Read About Me

I am Paula-Christine Campbell. What's important to me? Family ( sort of) , laughter, having a good time. Oh and bacon, you can never go wrong with bacon, unless you’re a vegetarian then I guess turkey Bacon is ok. Right? A turning point that has...

Dear Future English Teacher

Dear Future English Teacher: I am proud to be showing you some of my work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program. It that shows my ability to “Freewriting Badge.” After you look at my work, I hope you will see why I think it's important to me...
Dear teacher who gives me a research project in the future: I am proud to show you my work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer Program. It shows my ability to receive the “Annotating Badge.” After looking at my work, I hope you see my good annotating...

Commenting Helps with Understanding

Dear Future History Teacher, I am delighted to be showing you some of my work from the 2014 Youth Voices Summer program. It is the “Courageous Commentator” that shows my skills. After you look at my profile you see that I have commented on many...

Our Space (K-5)

Hurricane Stories

Given what people in New York and New Jersey are going through with Hurricane Sandy, I thought Youth Voices readers might like to see some writing by third graders in response to Hurricane Gustav a few years ago. Hurricane Gustav arrived, Labor Day...

My Shell

Beautiful Like a glimmering lake in the sun it shines so very brightly. On the outside. On the inside, it feels smooth, silky. But it doesn't shine as brightly, it may be bright, on the outside, but on the inside, it seems faded.


Ocean acidification is a rising problem on Earth. It is a term used to decribe the rising acidity in the oceans. 1/3 of the carbon dioxide we edmit from burning ficil fuels is absorbed by the oceans. This equals to 1 million tones...

A Fish

A fish Blue peach colored Happy and good to be free Black and green A sea creature Tobie

Jazz Man

Jazz man Loud, tall Famous, blond, handsome Man who plays jazz. Musician. By Matthew

Our Stories and Poems

Mi nombre

Mi nombre es Josiel. Mi nombre viene de mi papa. Mi nombre me recuerda del sentimiento de felicidad. Me gusta mi nombre Josiel “yes”


Hi, My name is Ashley Hernandez and I am 16 years old. I was born in December 4, 1997. I am premature, I was born 4 months early. Since I became premature, I had over 8 surgeries. As i grew older, I realized that people would ask me questions about...

6 Word Memoir

my name

me I am not altogether constructive, which makes me a scatter brains a lot. This brings disappointments and emotional issues that i can’t handle on my own. Although, self-confidence helps me with making new friends every new day with it.

How i feel.

Video Conversations

My biography

I'm 17 and I live in NY. I'm from Europe. I was born in a south east country called Albania. I just have a year in US. I honestly expected more from this country but it’s fine. I thought it's going to be better and beautiful but no it's worse. What...

My Journal

Here Junilka and I were video chatting over Google Hangouts and talking about the journals we wrote in the morning at the youth voices program.


My conversation with Jennifer. We talked about what we put in our journals this morning and a little something extra.

Class Of 2015

The instructor said Go home and write a page tonight And Let that page come out of you-- then, it will be true I wonder is it that simple? Ms. Rothbard we finna be SENIORS next year Class of 2015 Freshman year from nothing to Senior year to being...

Neighborhood Poem

Neighborhood Poem In the hood people catching body after body, You can probably find one of your family dead in the lobby, Now in days everybody have to have guns, Let off one or two shots then everybody run, I'm telling you in the hood it aint no...